A connection is done anywhere between a few water pipes in the form of certain brand of coupling

argument (kuhn FLIKT to have vi., KON flikt to possess letter.) vi. to be contradictory; get in resistance; clash -n. step one. a combat or struggle, specifically an extended one to; war; 2. clear argument or resistance; clash; step 3. emotional interference as a result of a clash out-of impulses • Often Fran’s thoughts conflict together with her attention, the lady center extract one-way and her direct pulling additional. • The latest Hundred Years’ Combat is actually a very very long conflict. • Todd’s nice enamel is during a dispute along with his need certainly to eating plan. • Mental conflict can often come from a need to perform a couple of or maybe more anything meanwhile. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. endeavor, struggle]

confront (kon FRUHNT) vt. step 1. to face otherwise fulfill face-to-face; 2. to stand or contradict boldly or defiantly; step 3. give deal with-to-face which have • Brand new boxers basic encountered one another more a couple Philadelphia cheesesteak snacks. • A couple of fencers confront both that have staple firearms pulled. • Eric learned to help you face their fear of pussycats through getting their individual kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation n., -ational adj.]

You can simply feel you to Ted and you will Alice has actually an association

confuse (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step 1. to combine upwards; setup ailment; 2. to mix right up mentally; perplex; bewilder; 3. so you can fail to distinguish ranging from; err within the determining • To help you confuse Gino, Jim walked backwards along with his palms expanded in front of Victoria local hookup app near me free your. • Anna baffled actual occurrences which have imaginary ones. • Charlie confused a beneficial Chevrolet which have an enthusiastic Oldsmobile. [-d, complicated, distress n.] [Syn. puzzle]

Quick Remark #19 Fulfill the keyword out-of column 2 toward word of column 1 which means really almost the same thing. step one. performance

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. 1. congruent; dos. fitting; suitable; compatible • Congruous rates are the same shape and size. • When lookin publicly, a member of Congress is expected to show congruous decisions in the every times. [-ly adv., -ness letter.]

union (kuhn NEK shuhn) letter. 1. good coupling, a binding or unifying; an effective unification dos. a means of joining; step three. a love; cuatro. a corporate user; 5. the technique of changing from one instruct, bus, etc. en route to someplace; six. a routine into the energy; a line of telecommunications ranging from a couple situations within the telegraphy, telephony, etc. • • • •

Partnership out-of vehicle engine to help you radiator is through plastic hose

Statement wanted a keen Music player, and he believe his contact with the applying shop worker you will let your to acquire one to during the a beneficial speed. • Whenever Juanita flew out-of New york to help you Miami, she must build a connection in the Atlanta. • Extremely electricity contacts are available because of the sticking a plug to your an effective wall surface retailer. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. step 1. the condition of paying attention; focus on your individual thoughts or one’s land; 2. the latest entirety of your advice, thinking, etc. • Being aside cold, Ali gradually restored consciousness. • Stream of consciousness requires saying or composing any kind of daddy to your direct from the purchase which really does. • Awareness ways each other an attention to and you may a preference to activate on world close to you. opinion (kuhn SEN suhs) n. step one. a viewpoint held because of the every or most; dos. general contract out of opinion • There was an opinion one of Us americans you to democracy is a superior sort of regulators so you can autocracy. • There can be a consensus certainly one of people one men drivers are advanced in order to female vehicle operators. • Surprisingly, the alternative consensus is obtainable certainly female and you can, astonishingly, try backed by mathematical studies. effects (KON au moment ou KWENS) letter. step 1. a result of a hobby; outcome; effect; dos. a clinical conclusion; step three. the fresh family relations of perception to cause; 4. advantages • A consequence of to invest in an alternate pen is actually a beneficial handwritten notice. • Obtaining right time shall be a consequence of remaining a good fresh power supply in your wristwatch. • The result of consuming a number of dairy food once the an effective guy was good pearly whites and bones once the a grown-up. • New Emperor Maximillian’s visibility within the Mexico inside the American Municipal Conflict are of no issues on war’s outcome. [following adj., for that reason adv.] [Syn. impression, importance]

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